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NABL certification in Pulwama:-

National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories or NABL is an authority that operates autonomously and comes under the control of the department of science and technology, Government of India. The NABL was established to provide a proper scheme to the government and the regulatory authorities to provide certification and accreditation to the testing laboratories through third party evaluation. The accreditation by NABL is granted to testing, medical and calibration laboratories. The certification granted to the laboratories by NABL is in compliance with the international standards such as ISO.

The NABL certification in Pulwama helps the Indian industries for enhancing the quality and reliability of the products manufactured by them. As the certification is internationally recognized, it helps the industries in providing better quality assurance of products in the international as well as national market. As stated by WTO, one of the most prominent technical barriers to trade is that the test results and data are not accepted due to the unreliability of the laboratories. The NABL accreditation in Pulwama helps in elimination of the technical barrier for trade through reliable certification of the measurement and testing laboratories.

The NABL certificate in Pulwama is granted to laboratories that are operating in all the major fields associated with science and technology such as Chemical, Biological, Electronics, Electrical, Fluid-Flow, Mechanical, Photometry, Non-Destructive, Thermal & Forensics testing facilities, Radiological, and, Mechanical, Electro-Technical Fluid Flow, Optical & Radiological Thermal, under Calibration facilities. The accreditation is also granted to the laboratories operating in the medical sector. The NABL certification is necessary for all major industrial sectors such as food, health, telecommunications, petroleum, textiles, automobiles and so forth. Both private sector and government laboratories need to fulfill the NABL certification requirements in Pulwama for the reliability and accuracy of the test data provided by them.

There are numerous benefits of the NABL certification process in Pulwama for industries that can help them in operating in a better way. First of all the certification provides a formal recognition to the quality and competence to the data provided by a laboratory. The certification is granted to a laboratory in compliance with the international standards which makes it very reliable and increases the confidence of the customers in the quality data provided by a laboratory. Certification provides a specific approach to performing a test procedure which ensures most accurate test results. This saves a lot of time and money in re-testing due to inaccurate test data. The customers can also select the best laboratories for them as the accredited laboratories are mentioned in the directories provided by the accreditation bodies. It becomes easier to operate in the laboratory as there is a definite procedure adopted for every process. The certification also helps in making an international recognition for the laboratory.

If you need to apply for NABL certification, then ISOCONSULTANTSINDIA is ready to help you in every possible way. We have a team of competent consultants that understand the requirements for the certification and provide you with the best NABL certification cost in Pulwama. Our consultants also help the clients with the annual audits that are necessary to renew the accreditation.



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