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One of the primary areas of any organization is the social accountability which must be addressed in an efficient way for the better development of the organization. It is important for a company that it provides a healthy and safe environment of working with its employees and adopts practices that are socially acceptable. If the employees feel better at the workplace, it enhances their efficiency and productivity. SA 8000 is a standard for system management that is internationally used by the organization for implementation of a management system that helps in adopting socially acceptable work practices in an organization. The standard was originally designed by a board of advisory of Social Accountability International. The standard is helpful in specifying a common language for the business and corporate houses to measure the social accountability in a common manner. The standard can be easily implemented in any organization of any size and field of work hence; it becomes a very effective tool for assessment of the social accountability of the practices adopted by the organization.

SA 8000 Certification in the Madhya Pradesh is a major management system standard which is designed in accordance with the guidelines of standards of an international organization of standards. The basic principles of the standard are influenced by the norms of International Human Rights, as well as  International Labor organization. The company that applied for SA 8000 Certificate in Madhya Pradesh is evaluated for performance in eight key areas that include Child labor, health and safety, free association, disciplinary practices, working hours, forced labor, discrimination, and collective bargaining.

There are different independent certifying bodies that are accredited by Social Accountability Accreditation Services and provide SA 8000 accreditation in Madhya Pradesh to the companies and organizations that implement a management system that is in compliance with the SA 8000 Certification requirements in the Madhya Pradesh. After the requirements are implemented by the company, the certification body evaluates and assesses the compliance of the system and grant the certificate to the company. The certification is validated for three years only and during these three years, there are periodic audits done by the certifying agency to ensure that the system is still in compliance with the standard. Another objective of the audit is to evaluate the continual improvement in the process used to the company.

 The SA 8000 Certification process in Madhya Pradesh includes two different phases. The first phase of certification include planning and designing of the audit and the second phase includes the proper assessment of the system implemented by the organization and if it is in compliance with the standard then a certificate is granted to the company. The time that is taken in the certification process depends on the time taken by the company for implementation of the system.

ISOCONSULTANTSINDIA is a major service provider that provides constancy services to the clients for SA 8000 Certification. Our consultants are competent enough to handle all the formalities and paperwork related to the certification process with best possible SA 8000 Certification cost in Madhya Pradesh. In addition to that, our consultants are also efficient in providing assistance to our clients for the annual audits for SA 8000.

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